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First Fifty Clients

"My experience with 'First Fifty Clients speech' - I can tell you it works!! Using one of the techniques I've found it really impresses people and immediately opens a gap for a conversation. The first 2 people on my list immediately agreed to coaching."

Herbie Veitch
South Africa

"I've already recouped the costs of the First Fifty Clients and the CoachStart Manual in coaching fees in 3 weeks."

Eddie Smith
Houston, Texas
coachingtoday @ cs.com www.lifecoachingtoday.com

Eddie Smith

"If I'd had this CD years ago, I would have been so far ahead of where I am now. I was following other strategies, but missing the key strategy. Thanks a bunch, Dave. WIth each client I work with I gain confidence and affirm that, "Hey, I really do have something valuable to give the world."

James Berry
Stress Management Coach

"David - you have just moved to No 1 on my list of resources for when I get stuck!

I love, love, love, the way you present yourself. You sound great on the recording - very grounded, calm, gentle and sure. I have printed off your materials and will listen to the recording daily. My coach has been saying the same thing in a different way for ages but something, somehow, stopped me taking action. Your step by step instructions were just what I needed!"

Nicola Cairncross
United Kingdom


Nicole Cairncross

"I have given 14 complimentary sessions and have 5 more scheduled for next week. Out of the 14 calls I have completed, 3 have committed to private coaching, 3 want to do group coaching, and 3 others have signed up for other services that I offer. That is a success rate of 9/14. I plan to re-read and re-listen to the programs again at least once each week. Thanks so much, this is what I needed to kick-start my business."

Susan May
Christian Business, Career, & Life Coach
United States
smay @ qzip.net

"Until I used some of the techniques in your Coaching Manual I had found it difficult to get passed that first chatting mode when explaining to people what I do. Your valuable advice and guidance came into fruition for me when having a casual chat recently - and ended with arranging a trial session! Thank you so much for your clear and concise advice and guidance on the coaching, I will certainly be recommending your training to others."

Pauline Scatterty
United Kingdom
life.coach @ moore-secretarial-services.co.uk

"I found First Fifty Clients very helpful and it inspired me to get things moving with starting my own business. Thanks very much and keep it coming with the great newsletters."

Stephanie Harwood

"I am a newly trained coach (approximately 6 months in the business), and already have 5 paying clients, plus 4 pro bono clients that are nearing finishing or are finished coaching with me. I have benefited so much from the resources you provide.

And now I am very excited after listening to your program - I have a great deal of potential sessions already developed and plan to do as many as I can from now on. Thanks once again for all that you have done - you are a true inspiration."

Daniel Midson-Short

"I can't tell you how valuable your information has been to me. I'm a new coach starting out, and your practical, common sense ideas have expanded my coaching skills, and inspired me to expand my marketing strategies. I'm now so excited about my practice! You are also a great model for me in terms of great personal customer service. Thanks again for your impact on me and my goals."

Nan Einarson
Life Coach
nan @ makeitso.com

"I was feeling very stuck on getting clients. David, your speech inspired me and lit a fire under me! You had me question who I am and why was I so drawn to this profession, and confronted me with my "playing small". I can't believe you said I was a 'waste of space'! But it did the trick.

I decided to run a contest at a chiropractic office for a chance to win a month of life coaching. I've also created a flyer inspired by your speech - simple but powerful. It went so well there is a buzz in the office about life coaching which many of them had not heard of before. I'm already expanding it.

Thanks to your wake up call, I now feel like my business is going to grow at lightening speed. But most importantly, I got back in touch with what is it that I am really out to cause in the world!"

Bonnie Hall
United States

innercoach4u @ aol.com

"I thought the 50 Clients information was terrific. It made me realize that I have been putting off actually starting to coach so now I have started and have several new clients. I have found all of your tools very useful, especially the sample scripts and information on coaching structure and defining my niche. Thanks."

Paula Holland
United States
prholland @ sbcglobal.net

"It was a great speech, very inspiring & touched on key issues in connection with coaching. I also like the section at the end where you had a Trial session. Brilliant!!"

Simon Porch
Life Coach
United Kingdom
porchs @ uk.ibm.com

"I found 'First Fifty Clients' very helpful in putting together an exploratory session. I love the fact it lets people know what we will do in 30 minutes and what I'm going to get a commitment on if it all works out. It gave me confidence in my abilities to keep things together in a timely manner and is a tool that will help me for many years and hundreds of clients to come."

Kenna Jo Cronen
United States

"I am listening to your ICF speech right now - it is incredible. Confidence is key - since I heard your voice I have experienced such tremendous growth it is unbelievable.

I am out there having conversations with people like I dreamed of doing a year ago! My one-liner about what I do has become clear! Just knowing you are out there, knowing what you are committed to inspires me to no end. Thank you for contributing so powerfully in results for me personally, professionally, and for my clients!"

Darshana Hawks
United States


"I've just listened to your presentation, and I'm now inspired to make my coaching practice explode. I'm now very clear on what I uniquely have to offer people - and it definitely gets me excited about sharing what I do!"

Dean Montgomery
United States

"I bought your 'Getting the First Fifty Clients' seminar recording and found it really useful in motivating me to get coaching people whether paying or not just to get the practice/confidence."

Becky Grangeret
United Kingdom

"Just a short message to say how useful I found your speech. I am a recently-qualified coach living just outside London, and I am sure I'm not alone in finding the prospect of building a coaching practice from scratch a rather daunting prospect. It certainly helped me reconnect with the reasons that I trained to become a coach, and the way that you present the one-liner as a method of eliciting interest during an initial contact is a very powerful way of getting the ball rolling.

I am now busy compiling my list of contacts for an exploratory session, and have just done my first session, which was very productive. Many thanks for the much-needed guidance on how to start building my practise - more of the same would always be welcome."

David Griffiths
London,United Kingdom



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